Grain dryer GSM alarm3
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Grain dryer GSM alarm3
Drying Alarm GSM 3 is our latest drying alarm. by The Grain dryer's GSM alarm also works with older grain dryers. by These dryers do not have any automation, and no extra alarm relays
No problem, place over 230V alarm lights over the air arrays, which cause the signals to the gsm alarm device. Likewise, you can put a temperature sensor into the inlet of drying air and you will also get a break if you need it. by It has a GSM modem and a processor. by It has three alarm inputs for external 230V lamps. by So you do not need any special alarm connections. by It has a temperature sensor (3 m in line)
You can send hut data to eight people at the same time or just one
You can change the recipient of the alarm if you borrow your dryer to your neighbor
You can change the names of the alarms if you use a dry ice alarm in winter even when monitoring the temperature. You can put the eight receivers, you can change the causes of the blows, you will receive a GSM / SMS message when the dryer lamp lights up. You can calibrate a temperature sensor and set minimum and maximum temperature alarms

Three alarm lamp couplings (2m) and one temperature sensor coupling (2m)
The user can put how long the cables between any alarm device and the lamps

Handbook http://www.probyte.fi/pdf/KUIVURINHALYTYS3.pdf

User Commentary
by The device worked just as I wanted. Our grain dryers were of an old type with no alarm outputs. We connect the GSM device alongside the alarm lights.
During the drying year 2003, we received 300 real-life announcements that made it easier to monitor the operation of the dryer in addition to other work. When a neighbor used a roving dryer, the announcements went to his phone I am very pleased with this device.
Now the device to be transferred is a warning device for a winter torch torch. Farmer Jorma Honkanen Koskenpää (tel. 0400-551409):
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