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GSMRELEY with 4 channel temperature control
GSM Relay diagram
Webasto diagram


A gsmrelay  

A GSMRELAY for Webasto  

A PG15 + pils water sensor   

click picture for bigger picture
A Gsmrelay with one output for Webasto/Eberspraecher timing , 2 wire connection
A Nokia phone HF-connection ready made
12V power supply to car battery
Set phone number 04001234567 + command 2 for relay 3  put 29 minute timing for the heater
p waits the connection then sends the rest numbers
Picture below  shows all needeed parts
1. A GSMRELAY/WEBASTO one relay output
 Brown wires connects the Webasto on. One brown wire goes to back wire ( 12V to control circuit in webasto) and other brown wire to +12V
2. Nokia phone charger and HD-connection and power supply to GSMRELAY
3. The unit has temperature sensor, which can read from remote phone.


Look  the operation function block
A picture of GSMPLUG using a GSM Relay technique
English manual in PDF
GSM server for SMS messages in PC
GSM Alarm with GSM device

Finnish GSM relay page, look many application pictures
6 relay GSMRELAY  
Remote controlled water pump for cows

Temperature readings to phone and talking temperature option
Temperature speaker option ( -50..+50C). Hear audio file ( a Finnish version) and pictures or phone   . Other commands control the lights in my desk. Do not use 14 or 17 commands or I will be in dark.
Password changes by a phone.
DIP2 minutes/hour selection for delay 0..99
--Picture below A simple HF-connetion allows hear room and responses from GSM-relay. Just cut earpiece wire and connect other wires together to ground (pin 2)  in gsmrelay. Earpiece to pin 1 and wire to HF-set to pin 3.

PG15 picture below

  • Real-time & interactive control
  • 4 channels  230V 10A 50 Hz relay contacts
  • Works  with GSM phones
  • User gets audio feedback 
  • Operating temperature (-25 .. +60 °C) 
  • Relays operates almost every appliance 
  • Small standby power (< 10mA 12V) 
  • Relay memory after power failure
  • LED give visual and sound gives audible feedback
  • Optional password, needed only once. It goes automatically on after 5 minutes no use or * command
  • Remote Password change 
  • 0..99 minute/hour timer for each relay, remote setting
  • Delayed operation e.g.  4 hour delay then 30 min ON
  • Remote temperature reading -40 .. +99C 
  • Commands can added to GSM-phone number for raeady made commands. 
  • Web Server reset for ISP service. Almost every ISP has  Probyte GSM RELAYs  in  FINLAND
  • Air Condition remote  control 
  • Heating control in summer cottages
  • Remote control for grain dryer
  • Machine controls 
  • Heating for cars ( Webasto fuel heater)
  • Alarms on or off  remotely in shops 
  • Potential free contacts are easily used in different controls
  • Application programming available
  • a new GSM counter/relay ( 2+2) for SMS-messages 
  • Can be controlled by a normal phone or GSM phone
  • Easy home and garage door  remote control
  • Give water to your flowers when in holidays, no need to ask other people to do this. 
Connection diagram to Nokia phones

Product information 

  • PROBYTE GSM RELAY is real time and interactive GSM remote control device. the User can control different devices from other continent and he hears immediately what happens after control function. the control can be made by a standard telephone or GSM phone

  • The control device gives after each number feedback sound if the control is accepted or it is unaccented. thus the user gets immediately feel that he has done everything right.
    The outputs are  230V 10A relays, by which you can control almost every device.
    GSM control in done simply pressing  phone buttons, and commands goes directly to control. 
    A optional password ( DIP1=ON ) can be used to prevent use from other people. If you do not give your control phone number to anybody, it is also quite a password. 
    0-command  Set relay 1-4  ON or off  e.g.  021 sets relays 2 on, 020 off
    1-command Read relay states.100 You hear short and long sound according relay states. 
    2-command Set relay timer for 00-99 minutes ( DIP2=off) or hours (DIP2=ON) e.g. 2301 pus relays 2 on for 01 minutes
    3-command  give a pulse for relay 1-4 for one second.  This is for giving a door opening pulse for cars  e.g. 341 gives 1 sec pulse 
    4-command waits first 0-9 h, then relay 1-4 ON for 10-90 minutes. 
    5 change password. read manual. 
    6-command read temperature  600 
    7-command put relay 1 on for 5 sec 700 
    711 pils water sensor command ( PG-15) 
    ## reset Password timer ( 10 min)
    #0 Reset all the timers 
    #1-#9 deactivate DTMF operation for 10-90 minutes.

  • Mechanical dimensions : 100*60*30 mm, holes 90*55  for 3mm screws.
  • Weight 150 g
  •   PG10    without  GSM phone, cables and case 
  • GSMRELAY   PG 10   + ready-made NOKIA 3xxx HF-connection cable
  • GSMRELAY   PG 12    + ready-made NOKIA 6xxx HF-connection cable
  • GSMRELAY   PG 15    + ready-made +case + powersupply 230/12V NOKIA 31xx HF-connection cable, a gsmphone not included
  • A PG15 + plus water sensor   
  • GSM RELAY for Weabasto WEBASTO   one relay, 12V cigarette lighter connection, a black wire to Webasto black ( start) wire, a gsmphone not included
  • POWER SUPPLY 230AC/12V 0.5 A  PP12  
  •  GSMPLUG   
  • GSM relay kit is available for  PGK 10  , inlcuding all parts,wiring diagram, programmed CPU, manual, parts list and assembly layout. Kit repair euro 45 ( no phone repair service!). If you are not sure your electronics abilities, please buy a ready made unit.
  • A program update to version 2.0   
  • Local distributors welcome. Also local kit builders can buy only programmed CPU from us.  


Used in Finland,USA, Romania, Spain, Indonesia, Austria, Iceland, Italy, France, Pakistan, Serbia, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Germany and England

Question 1
When testing with Nokia 3310 everything is ok, but Eriksson T28 phone do not   operate

Answer 1
I  advice is not to use Eriksson phones. Old models can't  put on automatic answer mode.

Question 2
I want to control Wallas M4000 heater by GSM. What I need and how I make a conenction ?
Answer 2
Any Probyte GSM relay or Probyte GSM Alarm product is suitable for you. PK-12 has Nokia 6xxx connection ready
See a connection diagram for Wallas M4000 and GSM relay

<>A  gsmrelay controlling water pump for caws . More detais of waterpump

A satisfied customer from Romania writes:
I am writing to confirm that all the PG(K)10 are working very well and I am delighted
with the posibilities they offer.
Alexandru Popescu, Romania
  GSMRELAY general selection table  all work +12V power supply or 12V battery

GSM relay model
kit/Assembled Options
PKG-10 Kit 4-relays
Assembly instructions

PG-10 Assembled 4-relays,
HF-kit needed
PG-12 Assembled 4-relays, HF connection to Nokia 33xx phone  included

Assembled 1 Relay+3310HF+ case + webasto 2 wires ready for connection

Talking temperature option  for any device ( including GSM relay )
Sensor 1.6m included

A gsmrelay operation manual( gsmrelaydoc.pdf)

A gsmrelay PG-10 operation manual( gsmrelay_pgk10.doc.pdf= kit form, axial componets)
A operation block diagram (

A schematic diagram( gsmrelay.jpg)
A schematic diagram in pdf
Assembley layout
A partlist  gsmrelay.xls

Finnish gsmrelay ducument

Parts list in Excel-file

A layout of the gsmrelay
A schematic diagramm

A gsmrelay alarm option

GSMRELEY with 4 channel temperature control

GSMELAY is now available with four channel  temperature controller.
This option is intended for heater contol in cottages, boats and vegetable warehouses, where water freezing can cause expencive damages
 All other GSM relays functions work as before. The operating temperatures can be set remotely.
Each relay can be set to work at 1--99C individually.  If the the temperature is lower than setvalue, the respective relays is
on.  On/Off cylces are minimun 1 minute to prevent contactor wear.
Connceting digital heaters it is possible to obtain a fine digital temperature controller.
If  the relay 4 has a heater 10W, a  set value 20C, relay 3 has a 20W heater, a set value
19C,  relay 2 has a heater 40W, a set value 18C , relay1 has a heater 80W. The controller works as a PID controller.
If the relay (1-4)  has set ON with ON/OFF command, the temperature
controller do not set relay off. I.e. the heater is not coonected off, if user want to get more heat manually. 

You can monitor the controller operation by a serial connection from RC6 ( PIC/pin 17) directy to PC serial port
DB9/2 (9600bps).

New remperature command  '9'
this command sets a setvalue for one relay at time
 9105 sets relay 1 temperature limit to +05C
 9220 set relay 2 temperature limit to 20C
 9315 set relay 3 temperature limit to 15C
 9499 set relay 4 temperature limit to 99C
if the set value is 00 this channel is not used with tempeature controller, but as normal time relay.
If the temprature controller is enabled and you try to uses timing /on/Off commands, they work one minute maximum.
This feature is nice for testing purpose
New remperature setting read command  '7' , output with sound like temperature reading
710 reads the temeprature setting in channel 1
720 reads the temeprature setting in channel 2
730 reads the temeprature setting in channel 3
740 reads the temeprature setting in channel 4

Testing the temperature controller operation

 Set a new temperare limit which is a little higher than room tempeature
 The relay 1 set on
 Heat the temperature sensor by a finger
Wait 1 minute when relay goes off. Take finger off from sensor.
Wait 1 minute

BMW diesel heater connection


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