PROBYTE serial Laser counter installation manual

for DOS/WIN3/WIN9x,NT4,W2k ja XP


Serial lasercounter reads a laser beam by a laser detector to serial port. A Windows counter programm shows laser state and records date, state, and serial number to ASCII file c:\laser.txt


  1. Connect 12V power supply ( 0.1A) to laser recorder and laser beam.
  2. Connect a normal straight 9-pin serial cable ( Female/Male) < 300m to PC and laser detector
  3. Install  laser.exe program from CD and start Laser.exe. It defaults to COM1 port, 2400 baud
  4. The detector microcontroller sends at startup its program version to PC.
  5. Adjust a laser beam to detector and look a indication led. It light when it se a laser beam. 
  6. The programm shows the state in 5ms after laser beam change and make a record to file

c:\laser.txt file as shown by a Display menu in Laser.exe

#2003-11-01 20:42:38#,"1",0
#2003-11-01 20:47:20#,"1",0
#2003-11-01 20:47:20#,"1",0
#2003-11-01 20:47:20#,"0",1

1. A metal case laser detector

2. A metal case red laser beam 1 mW 3. A  installation CD  Below a laser connection diagram